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Public support for OAS on OregonLive

“It is way past time for this kind of common sense!”

“Great to see a group of educators standing up for liberty and academic freedom, in the real sense of the words.”

Press Releases, Reports, and Op-Eds

New Report Highlight’s ODE’s Lack of Research Methods and Oversight

OAS Calls for Ban on Compelled Speech of Diversity Statements

“School Choice”: The First OAS Political Cartoon

OAS Releases DEI Diagnostic Tool and Stages of Sickness Scorecard

OAS Responds to PSU Climate Alarmism

PSU Board of Trustees Must Investigate Boghossian Resignation

Oregon Academics Issue Freedom Pledge

Keep “1619 Project” Hatred Out of Oregon Schools

OAS Launches “Save the Children From Howard Zinn” Donation Drive; Announces Dr. Mary Grabar Book Talk in Portland on January 22

OAS Testimony on HB 2023: The Politicization of History Education in Oregon. Oregonian op-ed

OAS Statement Opposing Genocide Education Mandate in Oregon; “Oregon Trivializes Holocaust Education”, Bend Bulletin

Defend Dr. Peter Boghossian of Portland State University  Additional NAS Letter

OAS Announces Oregon Campus Freedom Awards

Oregon campuses need intellectual freedom

State Universities Must be Viewpoint Neutral

Accessible private colleges and universities best value among Oregon colleges and universities: OAS report

New state law imposing “cultural competency” training on professors will drive up tuition, undermine educational goals, stifle debate

OAS Report Warns of Ideological Litmus Tests for Faculty

Statement on University of Oregon “blackface” incident

Statement on University of Oregon’s last-place national ranking in political diversity

Statement on campus free speech in Oregon

Grade Inflation Harming Oregon College Students

Oregon State University asks white faculty to seek mental illness treatment for “internal domination”

News Coverage

“Portland State U. DEI summit includes ‘white’ and ‘black’ race-based tables” — The College Fix

Combatting Social Justice Rhetoric with Dr. Bruce GilleyThe Catholic Current

Portland State University put “gag order” on professor’s video exposing academic censorshipThe College Fix

Portland Talk Will Feature a Critic of “A People’s History of the United States”Oregonian

Oregon Scholars challenge school-mandated reading of historianThe College Fix

Scholars blast Portland State for discipline against professor
for ‘stress-testing’ publishing standards — The College Fix

Reed on opposite ends of studies examining Oregon’s best collegesPortland Business Journal

Viewpoint diversity in Oregon higher educationThink Out Loud, Oregon Public Broadcasting

Academic group criticizes UO for punishing law professor for blackface costume — Oregonian

Straightjacketed at the University of OregonOregonian

Oregon GPAs are on the rise, but don’t celebrate yet — Portland Business Journal

Inflating Grades: Why it’s easier than ever to get an A — Daily Emerald

Loyalty oaths return with faculty “diversity statements” — Center for Academic Renewal

Faculty ‘diversity statements’ are called threats to academic freedom — Chronicle of Higher Education

Universities require scholars pledge commitment to diversity — The College Fix

Mandating diversity statements in hiring is wrong, Oregon professor says — Minnesota Daily

Academic Follies (still cont’d) — The New Criterion

Oregon State does its best to combat “whiteness” — Center for Higher Education