Trail Notes

Oregon Trail

Fall, 2023: On the silence of Oregon university presidents on Hamas; our report on Oregon’s suspension of high school graduation requirements; the designation of OAS as a member of the Zapatista “Cadre of Bad Actors”; the Linn-Benton free speech myth; and our needs for raising money and raising dues.

Spring, 2023: On public school secrecy in Oregon; re-arming the PSU campus police; banning diversity statements in Oregon; neo-segregation at PSU; my Twitter suit against U Oregon; OHSU’s child gender mutilation factory; new PSU president Ann Cudd’s concept of “inclusive freedom”; the People’s Liberation Army comes for Oregon’s technology; and drinking.

Fall, 2022: On measuring the spread of DEI sickness on campus; scheming to take political activism out of Oregon public schools; Oregon’s new residential school plan for Indian students; and the first OAS political cartoon, “School Choice”

Spring, 2022: On causing “a safety concern” in South Dakota; collectivization at Portland State; an official campus language glossary; personal relationships with bean plants through the University of Oregon common reading; Oregon’s 45th place among states in higher education; and the PSU School of Social Work’s viral video.

Fall, 2021: On the Boghossian resignation; campaign donations by university members; common reading at U Oregon; our video on PSU; and crashing the website.

Spring, 2021: On college presidents who resign then and now; our new charge for Washington and Alaska; Mao Zedong Thought in the faculty lounge; OAS candidate endorsements; and the man who walked out of a bar in New Orleans.

Fall, 2020: On the racist “anti-racist” crusade after George Floyd; misogynoir and the renaming of the civil war at UO; the value of Oregon college degrees by field; and my bank.

Spring, 2020: On accelerated depreciation after COVID; Mary Grabar debunks Howard Zinn in Portland; the death spiral of Oregon K-12; and the delights of belonging to OAS.

Fall, 2019: On the room outside the room; taxpayer funded union activism LERCing at UO; graduate student unions; the Soviet-style 1619 Project; and saving the kids from Zinn.

Spring, 2019:  On the Thomas Kay Woolen Mill; baseball teams; trivializing the Holocaust; Hatfield’s hidden Nixon; and the new Oregon Campus Freedom Awards.

Fall, 2018: On banning hummus at UO; “stolen land” in Ashland; rape culture in Portland dog parks; rococo Marxists in the academy; and the costs of sanctuary campuses.

Spring, 2018: On James Damore and Christina Hoff Sommers in Portland; mis-education schools; Oregon’s secret pluralism; and the unusual Senator Linthicum.

Fall, 2017: On the inhumanities at Reed College; value added of Oregon colleges and universities; L’Affaire TWQ; and our devious ploy on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Spring, 2017: On grade inflation and mandatory diversity statements; OSU’s therapy for white dominance; and Confucius Institutes in Oregon.

Fall, 2016: On building names and Halloween at UO; mandatory social justice courses at OSU; PSU President Wiewel’s inner liberal; and the “climate” at PCC.