Get Involved: Students

College students represent the future of Oregon, and they have a special role to promote freedom, pluralism, and intellectual integrity on their campuses. Too often, radical student and faculty groups have silenced debate and undermined educational goals in Oregon.

Ways to Get Involved

  • Nominate fellow students for the Oregon Campus Freedom Award
  • Lobby your institution to adopt the Chicago Principles of Academic Freedom
  • Meet with department and program chairs to encourage viewpoint diversity in the classroom
  • Invite politically excluded speakers to campus
  • Challenge left-wing bias in the classroom
  • Advocate for campus freedoms for all students
  • Monitor faculty and graduate student unions for harms to student interests
  • Challenge radical student groups that undermine campus freedoms
  • Defend your rights with Foundation for Individual Rights in Education student guides

Members of the University of Oregon graduate student “union” go on strike in the middle of the teaching quarter in 2014. The group uses a communist red star as its symbol and refers to its members as “student workers”.

Reed BoycottReed College students bully other students to boycott classes in 2016 forcing them to conform to the ideology of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

University of Oregon students storm the stage and use intimidation to silence the university president from making his annual address in 2017, claiming that they oppose “fascism”.

Lewis & Clark students disrupt a talk by Christina Hoff Summers in 2018 calling the invited talk by the American Enterprise Institute scholar “an act of aggression and violence toward members of our society who experience racial and gendered oppression.”

Future leaders at Portland State University denounce the United States, presidents, Western civilization, and fashion sense at a student rally in 2018.